Getting to the real taste of food.

It always seems that when we are actually doing the eating we are not fully aware of the act of eating. It looks more like we are on auto drive …. that’s we are just taking the food and putting it into our mouths (a totally mechanical process).  As far as enjoying the food and appreciating the real taste it doesn’t really enter our mind. Eating is often an unmindful act.

When, then, do we really get to appreciate the real taste of food? I find we only get the real taste of food when we have actually finished eating, when we are no more on the eating tables.

The real taste comes from the small morsels of food that got stuck between our teeth or that are caught between our gums and cheeks.

When we manage to dislodge these small bits of food and get them to the tongues and start biting and chewing on them that’s when the real taste of the food hits us. The actual enjoyment of the real flavour comes from our chewing on these tiny morsels and rolling it around on our tongues. The real flavour opens itself to us, letting us know its own individual characteristics. That’s when we become truly aware of the smells, tastes and flavour of what we have eaten.

Do you share the same experience? This is when it hits you and make you realise that at most times we just gorge down our food without giving due consideration to the cooks who have prepared the food for us, nor have we given the due awareness to the different favours that that different types of ingredients possess.

May be this is the subtle way to tell us to slow down and take time to really appreciate our food and do justice to the foods and the people who have put in all the efforts to get the food on the tables. Having food to eat is a blessing, we should remind ourselves often, if not every time.

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