The world is going to be a better place….

I think these words are part of a song, the full title of which I could not recall. But this is not important, what is truly significant is the action taken by the 34 billionaires in the United States.

Guess what they have done??? They have pledged half of their fortunes to charity, how about that? Don’t you agree that is just wonderful. This is a very meaningful sharing gesture and it is going to do a lot of good in this world of ours. Those who have lost faith in the goodness of  human-nature can surely now have their faith restored. Yes, the world is definitely going to be a better place for this unselfish act of these billionaires. It’s an occasion for celebration, for this is truly an altruistic act!

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet spearheaded this movement to rope in as many billionaires as possible to undertake a moral commitment to give a large chunk of their wealth to charity.
And what a success they had, the response is fantastic.

The Americans billionaires who have made their pledges deserve our appreciation though we will in no way benefit from their act. Maybe we will, the money when it is finally put to use will relieve many people of much suffering and pain, this will make our world a happier place, a safer place for all of us.

Wonder if billionaires in other countries will emulate this unselfish, thoughtful and inspiring act by also pledging part of their money to help others? I reckon Asian billionaires may find it harder to part with such big share of their wealth though they may agree with T. Boone Pickens’ view that great wealth ‘generally does more harm than good’. The ‘clinging’ nature is too strong to shake off.

Read the MailOnline’s article on these philanthropists here.

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