Let us shake off that habit, guys!!!

One of the peculiar mannerism I have observed during my trip to a few of the European countries and while here in the United Kingdom is the way Chinese (especially the young Chinese) react upon seeing fellow-Chinese.

Have others observed the same thing – the odd way these young Chinese look at their fellow-Chinese. They sort of take a quick look and then just as quickly turn their heads away, with a total blank expression on their faces. No sign of any emotion at all. I always thought that there would be some mutual familiarity, but obviously I was wrong. I find this very intriguing, what do they intend to convey by reacting in such an odd manner? Surely they can choose some warmer way to react on meeting each other.

Can’t they just give a simple smile? What about saying the simple ‘hello’. I always wonder what  were going through their heads when such encounters happened. Are they shy? Are they embarrassed about something? Are they saying – what right have you to be here, or maybe what right have they themselves got to be here?

I don’t wish to speculate some more, maybe some psychologists out there would like to throw some light on what caused such behavior. I sure wish I could understand this odd behavior.

But one thing for sure, I would like to call on all Chinese to show some courtesy to each other when they encounter each other on the street. How about giving out some warm. Smile or say a simple hello!


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