Around Bristol, UK – 2010.

I wouldn’t claim I’ve traveled extensively during this trip of mine to the United Kingdom, but I think I have traveled to many more places than what I had done during my last trip.

As I sorted out the photographs I’d taken I will post them here for those who are interested to see view them.

As my daughter is residing in Bristol, the first batch of photos are of scenes from here. Included here are my random shots (shots that captured my interest and those scenes that intrigued me), shots of the beautiful flowers found around Bristol, the main railway station in Bristol, photographs of the campaigners against breast cancer doing their ‘Walk the walk’, uniting against breast cancer and photos of the earliest church set up by John Wesley, the great English preacher.

Bristol is a beautiful place, it has history which gives it character. The pace is nice, not too hectic and there are plenty of green to sooth your eyes and spirits. It connects to very scenic areas and it is also not too far from London. Encourage you give it a visit.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I’d enjoyed taking them. They have definitely given me a lot of pleasure.

[Around Bristol 2010]

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