Ladies, take care of your health and that of your children’s.

Going through the online news, I came across these two articles, one on  genetic mutations in unborn babies (Metro Online) and the other on the good effect of olive oil in fighting breast cancer (MailOnline). I’ve posted both of them here.

Those ladies that are expecting should read the first article. Those of us who have friends or relatives who are expecting, we can pass it on to them to read. Expecting parents you have the responsibility to choose where and when to smoke.

The advice given in the second article on the benefit of using olive oil in our cooking should be enough to encourage us to use this type of oil to prepare our meals. Housewives, take care of yourselves and at the same time also take care of the other members in your families as olive oil also helps in fighting heart diseases. Make the right choice.

Article # 1: Passive smoke and unborn babies

Article # 2: Olive oil and breast cancer.

This Sunday morning as I was walking down the street, I crossed path with these enthusiasts. These were ladies and gentlemen doing the “Walk the Walk, Uniting for fight against Breast Cancer”. Here are some photographs of the participants walking for the good cause.

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