How to Care for your parents – advice from Akong Rinpoche!

Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche, a high Tibet Buddhist teacher, has this to say about filling his center with people and the carrying out of duty to parents by their children:-

“In the West we have changed certain things, because nobody here can make you take care of your parents.I think this is a big mistake. If you really want to be a Buddhist, the first thing I want you to change is this way of thinking; and this is something simple to do: serve your parents and take care of your parents. Do not send them to an old people’s home. Do not send them to institutions: that is not the place where your parents should end. If everybody gave up being monks and nuns and gave up living in dharma centers,  I would be very happy if it meant they were taking care of their parents very nicely, very kindly and very lovingly. I would be much happier than if you put your parents in an old people’s home, and then came to a dharma center. In that case I do no think you are doing the right thing.”

Well, he’s certainly a courageous man, saying things which, I’m sure don’t go down well with many of his followers. But that’s the Buddha’s teachings and the Rinpoche doesn’t minced his words. He sure doesn’t crave for popularity nor does he want to lose the impact of Buddha’s teachings.

Plenty of food for thought here.

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One thought on “How to Care for your parents – advice from Akong Rinpoche!

  1. Jinpa says:

    Rinpoche is just amazing ! : )

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