Facebook and the evil minds.

Facebook is just a social tool like any others. Whether it is used for good or for some sinister purposes depends entirely on the users. Or to be more precise, depends on the motives of the users.

Some users have pure motives, they use it to spread peace,  share joy and happiness, others to bring hope to others. They use it to share life’s refinement with others.

But there are others whose motives are not so pure. They misuse Facebook. You can even say they abuse this useful social tool. They use Facebook to satisfy their evil, corrupt motives. The news item (attached) from the Metro.uk tells of one such person who used Facebook to corrupt youngsters. His is one of the many devious ways devised by such evil-minded people to lure unsuspecting victims to their evil schemes. This person posed as a tutor, others posed as gurus, health experts, and yoga teachers. Some posed as unmarried bachelors using their charms and charisma to deceive ladies to fall for them for seduction and money. The list is endless. The evil minds are just as creative.

Click here for the news item from Metro.uk.

There are also other unscrupulous users who use Facebook to enrich themselves. They know many people are pushovers when offers are made to make a quick buck. They usually play on this greed for quick profit by offering attractive and ‘seemingly’ irresistible schemes. Such crimes are frequently reported in the newspapers.

So, young girls and boys, if you come across someone who have become familiar to you and he or she starts to ask  you to do things that does not seem right, delete him or her as your friend immediately. Also do your friends a favor, prevent them from falling into the same person’s trap by sending them messages of your experience. Spread the word around. Take care of each other.

Parents, occasionally remind your young children of this pitfall. Alert them, warn them to be careful of these ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’! Don’t leave them exposed to this danger lurking in our midst.

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