Facebook and the other social networks, are they really free?

We are all so accustomed to use the available social networks on the web that we give little thought to privacy loss and the threats this loss can caused us.

PCWorld’s article on this subject declares that “Swapping small talk and vacation photos made Facebook addictive for users. But over the years, they’ve watched as their private info became shared with a growing sphere of strangers–advertisers. And in May, Facebook made changes to its privacy policy that exposed more personal data to a wider range of marketers’.

The news of Facebook’s frequent privacy setting changes and the admission of the fumble by a contrite Mark Zuckerberg (CEO – Facebook) must now caused great confusion in the minds of many of its 450 million users.

From reading what those in the industry have to say on privacy controls, it seems controls are going to get harder instead of easier in the coming years.

Jeffrey Chester, director of the Center for Digital Democracy, a nonprofit group that promotes online privacy and free speech has this to say:- “Privacy today isn’t what it was a year ago. It wasn’t long ago we were worried about advertisers planting cookies on our PC, with today’s trends, keeping a handle on your privacy is going to become even harder a year from now”.

Click here to read the article on this subject from ‘PCWorld’ by Tom Spring.

Click here to read what Mark Zuckerberg has to say about “facebook’s Fumble”

Where do, we, the 450 million users stand now? Do we know where we stand at all? Is it better for us to follow the step taken by the more savvy users and stop our accounts with ‘facebook’? Or are we to stay and just take what comes.

Could those who are more knowledgeable in all this throw some light on what is the best course of action opened to us now?

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