Rekindle our joy for life !

This kid shows us enthusiasm, commitment and pure enjoyment

Remember our first day at work, the enthusiasm and the joy we harbored in our hearts and the commitment we displayed.

We have since allowed the toil, the grind and drudgery of our routines to rob us of our enjoyment of our jobs. We now go to work less enthusiastic, if not totally dispirited.Sometimes we wonder where or when we have started to lose it all. Never mind, help is on the way! Take a long, good look at this YouTube clip. It may just reignite your enthusiasm. It certainly worth your taking a few minutes to ponder where this little boy got his enthusiasm.

Click here to see the expression of pure enjoyment for yourself!

Did you watch his actions and his expressive face throughout his spirited performance? What pure joy just to watch him!

This is what we have lost and wish we could regain, right? In this video clip are the tips we can ponder and use.  The little ‘kiddo’ here has what we have lost. He has all the enthusiasm, he shows us  pure joy comes from doing what he enjoys. This joy, we can see from the clip,  resulted from the commitment he gave to his performance. It’s all about celebration!

Let’s watch this video every time we feel down and are discouraged. It is a good reminder of what we wish to regain. It reminds us that we still have choices. Keep it handy.

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