Say ‘cheese’, eat cheese!

Fellow senior citizens we have an unlikely ally that can help to reverse the age-related deterioration of the immune system (immunosenescene). Guess who this unlikely ally is? It is none other than the probiotic bacteria which can be found in cheese.

The results of this study by the scientists from the University of Turku revealed a clear enhancement of natural and acquired immunity by this bacteria.   Isn’t this good news? We can now enjoy our pasta, sandwiches, pizzas and simultaneously have our immune system enhanced.

Read the ‘Cheese’ article from Finnish scientists here.

The age-related deterioration of the immune system leaves us elderly people more vulnerable to infection and disease because it is harder for the body to kill cancerous cells and reduces the immune response to vaccinations and infections.

The common signs of immunosenescene are infectious diseases, chronic inflammation disorders and cancer. So, let us rejoice and enjoy our cheesy food. A pleasant and enjoyable way to keep these unwanted diseases and disorders away, don’t you agree?

So, grandpas and grandmas, don’t let any one move your cheese.

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2 thoughts on “Say ‘cheese’, eat cheese!

  1. thecodger says:

    I agree. I’ve been a cheese proponent for years. I even put grated cheese on my pasta! This was back before people generally did that. Now, you go into an Olive Garden and they come over with their cheese grater and do it right there at the table for you! I’m glad this study showed that I was right all this time.

    The Codger

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