Teachers’ Day, what are they made of?

UNESCO’s Teachers’ Day is on the 5th. October of each year. In Malaysia, Teachers’ Day is fixed on the 16th. of May.

UNESCO designated a special day for the teachers as a way to commemorate their importance to society. No one will argue the important position teachers hold in society. No one will also dispute that not all teachers are important in our lives.Some teachers we hold in high esteem and remember them even now though we had left school years ago. But there are also many others whom we also remember but for entirely different reasons.

The teachers in first group are remembered because we appreciate them. The years cannot erase the impressions of their kindness, fairness, consideration, decency, diligence, inspiration, thoughtfulness, encouragement, wisdom and contribution from our memories. These good qualities still linger in our minds, and on occasions such as Teachers’ Day or when we gather with our former classmates we recall them with fondness, admiration, gratefulness and appreciation.

Those teachers in the latter group are remembered for personal qualities totally opposite those possessed by the admired teachers. We recall their laziness, insincerity, biased views, cruel traits, their lack of commitment and uncaring attitude.

Come to think of it, this is normal. Men and women who made up the teaching profession are also from the same human society from which all of us belong. Such being the case, there are the good and the bad. Without the bad we would not have appreciate the good so much. So the bad also performs a useful function in this case.

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