This pair of grand old folks are great inspiration.

A grandmother and a grandfather from different parts of the world are teaching us real lessons through the ways they choose to live their lives. The granny  is from China (102 years old) and the grandpa (96 years old) is from South Africa. Through the choices they make at this stage of their lives they are setting  great examples for the younger generations to follow. They are putting many of us to shame. You do not believe me? Wait till you read the articles.

I do not want to steal the thunder from right under their feet, so I will let you find out for yourselves what they have chosen to exhibit to us.

102 year old granny from China

96 year old grandpa from South Africa

Do you not agree they are just great! What nerves, what pluckiness!

Just read what the Chinese grandma did and said. She is so courteous she thanked the teacher and classmates after the class. What she said next just blew me away – she said she wants to make her contribution to her country! She says this at 102 years old! Wow, wow!

The South African grandpa  also showed true grit, did he not? After having made his jump he lamented the jump was not long enough. What great courage?

Both the articles are taken from the .  We thank the Metro for highlighting these inspirational acts. Both deserve our admiration and applaud. Grandma Ma and Grandpa Keet, we salute you! Would not want to say I will emulate you.

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