Masturbation in men can prevent prostate cancer – truth or myth?

Many myths have been weaved around this aged-old sexual activity. Young people have been told, down the centuries, that one  could go blind or one’s palms would grow hairy if one indulgences too much in masturbation.

All the while this topic is talked in a hush, hush manner. Parents used to have nightmares thinking of how to broach this subject with their sons. But this may soon change!

Masturbation may be an encouraged activity instead of a forbidden one in the future.  ‘MASTURBATION CUTS CANCER RISK’, it is now widely proclaimed!  BBC News has an item on this research in its ’16th. March, 2010 ‘One-Minute World News’.

Here is the article, if you want to know more.

Looks like nature has provided its own prevention for prostate cancer all along, for which we are all thankful.

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2 thoughts on “Masturbation in men can prevent prostate cancer – truth or myth?

  1. That’s so human! 🙂 I mean, remember how in the ’50 doctors told us in TV ads that smoking is good for us? Now we will not go blind if we masturbate! I always knew that :)). It makes you think about those great convictions and beliefs that you think you have. I expect now the other side of the truth regarding the church and western religions. Thanks for the info!

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