Malaysians, you make a difference.

Earth Hour,  citizens of  Planet Earth  come together to save our Earth.

Malaysians the Hour is 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm on the 27th. March, 2010.  What you need to do is to switch off all the electrical appliances in your own homes, offices and factories for an hour. This is an individual, as well as a collective effort of the citizens of this planet to show that we are can do something and that we will. Planet Earth and its citizens are one, if one dies the other will die too. So Malaysians join our fellow citizens around the globe in this constructive effort.

We need not only to switch off all our lights, more importantly is for us to contemplate that this plant is the only place we have!

Like ‘Nike’, the world sport shoes manufacturer says, let us  ‘JUST DO IT!’ . This can be done, we just have to  stand together.  Let us do it  for ourselves , let us do it  for our future generations!

The power of one, the ripple effort both will work their magic. The combined

The website below has details article of the history of this significant move:-

The Earth Hour is the hour! Do not skip it. Be there when it counts. Plant Earth counts on your participation.

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