No escape this time.

Rumi, a Persian mystic from the thirteen century told of a man who walked past a beggar and asked of God,  “Why, God, do you not do something for these people?”  You know what God’s reply was? God replied,  “I did do something. I made you.”

Many of us, having the same mental and spiritual shallowness of the man have also asked the same question of God. We might not have heard God’s reply so far but now we know the answer, so what would we do now if we were to see the same sight again? Are we going to do more of the same … just walk away in embarrassment, pretending we have not seen anything ? Or are we now forced  to take a deeper examination of our actions and see if they match our beliefs?

Our attitudes on giving and towards those less fortunate than us are now put under the microscope. This may be a good opportunity for us to own up to shaky premises our beliefs are based on.

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