Great Philosophy and Great photos!

I have posted a slide-show on the philosophy of old age by George Carlin. He is definitely qualified to give us advice on how to get to beyond a hundred, for he is 102 years old.
Absorb the wise words and at the same time enjoy the great photographs chosen for the slide-show!
If you are in my age group, the points raised, at the end of the slide-show,  for carefree living are worth pondering . If put into use they may just add years to your lives.
Thank you for the visit, do share this slide-show with others. Spread the good message.
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2 thoughts on “Great Philosophy and Great photos!

  1. With the increase in older people there should be more media attention to old age. And I mean positive media attention, not get rid of this old baggage.

    • serendipity hopeful says:


      Making a larger part of the population older people should realize the power in their hands. Use the political power and economic power to get what are rightfully theirs.

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