My kick-start ‘kit’.

I, like any other mortal, have experienced swings of moods, attacks of deep anxieties, periods of hopelessness. All the different negative emotions (apprehension, the blues, depression, despondency, discouragement, pessimism) have, at one time or another, taken possession of my mind. Sometimes they were ‘fleeting visitors’, at other times they looked like they were going to be its ‘permanent residents’ in my mind.

Fortunately, through my reading I have picked up a ‘kick-start kit’ that has, again and again, energized my then low ‘mental battery’ and brought it back to ‘live’.

I am thankful to many people for this. If I had not met a friend who encouraged me to read, if I had not have a father who encouraged me to build this reading habit (by, not once, refusing to provide me the money for the book purchases), have I not come across such captivating writers who were able to, not only hold my interest, but also pricked my curiosity, I would not have the good fortune to have come across the ‘gems’ that made up my ‘kit’.

This ‘kit’ has only three little ‘gems’ which I would like to share here:-

  • the ripple effect;
  • the cumulative effect;  and
  • the ‘power of one’.

Let my ‘little mind’ try to make out for you what I understand of these ‘gems’.

Comparing the result of our action as having a ripple effect, is a very descriptive analogy. This illustrative example made a deep impression on me. I believe that all things are interconnected, that what I do or what others do affect the others. I take it to mean I must not under-estimate the power of  my own actions or their effects even though they may be small steps. I would never know where or how the effect would lead.

This idea of ‘cumulative effect’  intrigues me. It conjures up in my mind the picture of  the activities of an army of little ants and the resultant ant colony. the ‘little’ efforts can bring about. It tells me of the importance of the ‘brick-by-brick’ action which I often seem it to be too slow or too insignificant to have much effect. This idea also teaches me the virtue of patience and perseverance.

I, and I am sure, many others, too, often feel discouraged when troubles seem insurmountable and the responses available seem inadequate. When I fall into gloom or discouragement and the level of my fighting spirits take a dip, this idea of the ‘power of a solitary individual’ gives my sagging spirits a real boost. It reminds me to look back into history where its pages are brimming with examples of individuals whose solo actions changed the course of history. It tells me that I do count!

What emboldens me even further is the belief that these three ‘gems’ are on our sides if our causes are right, Even of greater encouragement is that these three natural laws work together for the good of mankind, for they are allies.

Is this not something? Do we not have good reasons to be upbeat?

Thank you for visiting.

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