Was it Alice’s magic?

Was it Alice who performed her magic from her Wonderland or was it my friend’s prophetic words? Which ever it was, it was certainly a great relief for all of us here. The temperatures here had been in the high thirties for the past few weeks, the heat was agonizing for everyone. There seemed to be no escape for us, the heat penetrated  into every nooks and corners of our homes. It permeated into our pillows and mattresses, making sleep unpleasant and difficult to come by.

Yesterday’s show was my first in eight years and I would not have gone if it had not been my good friend who gave me a few complimentary tickets. I invited another friend to come along since he is a movie buff. He was certainly surprised to see the invitation coming from me as he knows of my nonchalant attitude towards movies.

He jokingly said this would cause a downpour. We took in the show, totally unaware what was happening outside. After the show as we were walking out of the cinema  hall my friends and my family members were still teasing me over my long absence from the movies. But when we looked out of the glass windows we saw a downpour had really taken place. Everywhere and everything out in the open was wet and covered with water. We were all taken by surprise but we were also elated as relief was at hand!

My friend did not let it go at that. He called me a ‘rainmaker’ and said that if he wants it to rain the next time he would treat me to a movie. If he wants a bigger downpour he would treat me to two shows which run consecutively. But he said he would not treat me to three show that run consecutively for it would  then cause a flood as there would be too much rainwater.

Out of the blue, I am given a new job. Should I come out of my retirement? So, who should I thank, Alice or my friend?

Thank you for visiting.

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