The end to an ancient tradition.

The Chinese has a wise tradition of teaching the children how to properly address their elders. The elders are addressed according to their places in the generational hierarchies (their pecking order in the generations, so to speak). This system provides a very orderly manner in which the young children get to learn manners and to show respect to their elders.

Sad to say this wise tradition is rapidly being destroyed, brought to an end because of feminine vanity. This is done unwittingly in most cases, but the damage is serious. Young girls and young ladies nowadays ask children who are generation younger than them to address them as ‘elder sisters’. This is done irregardless of the age gap.

The young girls/ladies do this because they do not want to be made to feel ‘old’. Even though they are of the same age group , of the same generation to the parents of the these young children, they still insist to be addressed as ‘elder sisters’.

They know deep down this cannot be but feminine vanity makes them want to be so. What a tragedy! A wise tradition evolved to teach manners and respect is rendered meaningless by narcissism, stupidity and vain-glory.

Parents of the older generations have to share part of the blame for this loss of the tradition. They help accelerate the loss by not explaining the beauty, the usefulness of the tradition when they witnessed the abuse of the tradition. Most allow it because they were not taught, but some allow it because they wish to appear ‘hip’ to the younger ones. They just give in without standing up for the tradition. What a loss!

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