Tiny steps, do they count?

In this age of instant gratification, this attitude permeates into everything we want to do. If there is anything we choose to do we want to see the end result immediately. In this unreasonable haste to want to have the thing the very next minute we have thought of owning it have caused us to look down on the many small steps we have to take to get the big reward.

Instead we now focus all our attention, energy and time on the big things.  We concentrate our attention on events and personalities that promise us big results. We allow such ‘blinding’ events and personalities to consume our time, energy and money and at the end of it all we find we have achieved nothing substantial and are almost back at square one.

I find what the Reverend Ogui says makes a lot of sense. Taking his ‘little gem’ and working on it would bring us more substantial results. Let us delude ourselves no more.

Rev. Ogui’s book Zen Shin Talks on:

People struggle to build up spiritual securities and happiness. They put energy into learning from different religious traditions. Sometimes people attend workshops and seminars. They spend time and money in this way. They keep attending and learning. Actually they don’t have to keep doing this.

Instead, choose one small practice and keep reflecting on it and doing it. Then you will understand everything. For example, in Christianity you are told to “love your neighbor”. Sincerely practice this and observe yourself when you see how difficult it is. From there, a spiritual gate will open up for you.

We need to build things from scratch, block by block, there is no short cut. Let us not ignore the small things for they are blocks that hold up the whole building. Don’t work in haste, we do need to make preparations for the things we want to do.

Confucius says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” A  journey of a thousand miles is also made up of many small steps!

Small is beautiful !

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