Little things do mean a lot!

The little things that we can do and say tend to get lost in the course of our daily  activities. These little things can uplift the spirits, bring a smile to others’ faces, bring a ray of sunlight into the lives of others, they can even unintentionally save a person’s life. Yet in the hustle and bustle of modern living, we start to treat them as unimportant and we neglect to cultivate in them.

Aren’t the small things the really big things? To think of it, they really are the big things. For how many  times can we really always do big things for our loved ones in our daily lives? How many occasions are there in lives for us that offer us opportunities to do the big things? How many of us have the money to always do the big things perpetually? It is the small things done frequently and mindfully that produce the cumulative effect that bring untold benefits and they bring unexpected results!

It is the small things that counts,  really !!!

What small things have you been doing  for your loved members  ones or for your friends that is now bearing sweet fruit?  What small things can we all do to bring us happy results, both for our loved ones, our friends and ourselves.

Have you start the ball rolling?

Come visit again. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Little things do mean a lot!

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