How to instill fear into your parents!

Sons, daughters and daughters-in-laws, when do you think is the best time to teach the old couple a lesson? The best time to instill fear into them is when they are old. They are most vulnerable when they have no source of income, when they have no ‘nest’ of their own to fall back upon. When they are now totally dependent on you!

To keep themselves warm, to have a roof over their heads, to have food in their stomachs, for all their daily needs they now have to turn to you, what better time to indoctrinate them with fear of you?

What are the best ways to strike fear into them? How to turn them into putty in your now gleeful hands? How about starting off with ignoring them, withdraw your love from them. Get your own children, their grand-children , to do the same.

Batter them into submission, threaten to send them to the old folks home. This should do the trick! This threat of total isolation from their flesh and blood should send shivers down their spines. You wtll have no more resistance.

All these may seem cruel, but what else is there left for you to do. How else to get them to do your biddings. You cannot let them have wills of their own, can you? They are no longer productive, contributing members of the family. They are now a drain on your physical, financial resources, aren’t they? They are a constraint on your freedom and private space now, aren’t they? They have to be put into their own places, make to know their present positions.

They must know who is the boss now. You call the shots now, not they. They must know who is at the top of the totem pole now.

You can do all these, beat them into total submission, but be forewarned. There is a natural law called ‘cause and effect. What you do now may be what you  may reap in your own twilight years though! For your own children are watching. They are not only watching, they are also internalizing, absorbing what they are witnessing.

Frightening thought, isn’t it?

Don’t ever hurt or abuse your parents. You can never repay the debts you owe them. When you eat the fruits, always remember the trees.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “How to instill fear into your parents!

  1. mizpahlouise says:

    Ow..This post is just like a reverse psychology.lols
    I still believe in the Bible to honor my father and mother(and take note its the command that has a promise in it), and I also believe that whatever we sow we will eventually reap. I love my parents no matter how unfair they are sometimes. I don’t know why but I’m happy and really respect my mom and dad no matter how imperfect they are…

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      @mizapahlouise, You are happy because that’s the blessing you get back for the love and respect for your parents. This post came about because on visiting one of my aged relatives she expressed her fear of being sent to the old folks home. I sense the young ones in her family have placed the fear there. Sad.

  2. Classified says:

    What If you have a father who constantly wanted to see you fail. Never encouraged you and literally competed with you your whole life for no reason. I think I’ll be quite happy sending him to a home but my mother not so much she was a good person. My dad is evil and puts on a mask in front of everyone else to shy away his true evil nature. He kept a roof over my head for the soul purpose of imprisoning me and using me as a way to make him feel better by comparison. He stripped me of transportation to get out and doesn’t help me what so ever. Yeah I can’t wait until hes older. I have paranoia every day because every job I apply for never calls me back. The only way I can apply for anything is on the computer as I have no transportation.

    He’s extremely sick in the head and is amazing at charming other people into believing he’s a good person. I guess my only resort is to get a buss pass without him knowing. He’ll find out though and figure out a way to stop me, he always does.

  3. lilly says:

    ooo, well my parents love me. But they know me so well if they screw up… they fear me! BIG TIME! I am only 11 but still respect them… let’s just say at times, they respect me too 😉

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Lily, it is great your parents respect you and you, too, respect your parents. Respect will greatly help in building love for them.

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