Parents are jumping for joy – thanks to their kids!

Mom and dad, change your outlook in fashion, music and culture if you wish for better bonding with your children. In generations gone by, most teenagers have gone out of their way not to be seen with their parents, but no more!

According to a survey done here in Britain, it seems spending time with mum and dad is now considered cool. Half of Britain’s teenagers surveyed actually wish their parents would spend more time with them, claims the research.

Behaviour experts think the change is caused by a closing of the generation gap, for many couples now adopt a younger outlook on fashion, music and culture. So, be more up-to-date, be more ‘hip’ is the message.

Obviously the teenagers don’t want to be embarrassed by old-fashioned fathers and mothers. Do not be cynical about it, verify it with  your own teenagers.

Coca-Cola Great Britain quizzed 1,000 parents and teenagers for a Guide to Teenagers published by its Fanta brand. The answer it got from the youngsters was that an overwhelming 86 per cent enjoy spending time with their folks, believing it is important to bond as a family. Isn’t this great, great things are in store for the nation if you believe that the family is the fibre that holds the nation together.

The survey also reveals that 74 per cent do not believe their parents make enough time for their teenage children, particularly during the holidays. Many parents have the impression that teens like nothing better than sitting in front of a computer with a takeaway. This is untrue, say the youngsters.  This survey finds 58 per cent would prefer to have a family meal together. So mothers what are you waiting for? Or have the mothers become too relaxed themselves and are using this as an excuse not to cook? No more excuses, moms. The ball is now in your court.

Other findings found are that 47 per cent of youngsters actually enjoy shopping with grown ups and 57 per cent like going on holiday with their parents. Dads better start saving to buy bigger cars so that you can load all your kids into one car. And don’t forget who has to foot the bills on such outings and holidays. But I think most dads would gladly obliged, isn’t this right?

Judi James (a social behaviour expert)  said: ‘This new-found friendship between teenagers and their parents could be explained by the closing of the “mental” generation gap.

‘We see parents and teens shopping in the same clothes shops, buying and listening to the same music and even going to the same festivals.

‘This increasing desire to look and stay young keeps adults in closer touch with new trends and teen interests.’

So there you have it – the formula for bonding with the teenagers in your families. I think moms and dads have plenty of adjustments to do, as this new finding would seem strange to most parents. If I were big car salesman, a fashion or a music retailers I would print this article and send it to all households with teenagers.

Wish you all luck, may you all have all the happiness!

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