Reaching out, hearts to hearts!

On festive occasions like Christmas, Hari Raya (Muslim New Year), Dwali (Hindu New Year) and the Chinese New Year, many people, because of the joyous, gay, merry and happy atmosphere, feel more affable, cheerful, good-natured and warm. They are more tender-hearted and helpful. They are also in  more generous, altruistic mood, prepare to spread the happy spirit, eager to share their good fortune and give to worthy causes.

There are many organizations deserving  such generosity in the big towns and cities. But to find deserving individuals or families to share the festive joys seems problematic these days.

Some even say there are no more hardcore poor in Malaysia. It is hard to subscribe to this notion.  Have we become more gross, hardened, callous and uncaring in our attitude? Have the good food, the luxurious things lulled us into complacency, made us more insensitive to the deprivation of others?

If we are sincere in wanting to help, there are some things we can do to ferret out the deserving individuals and families in our midst. We have to do some work. We need to focus, we have to keep our eyes on the look-out for potentials. We need to use our mouths to ask for leads. We need to glue our ears to the vineyard to receive information of suitable candidates.

It is definitely not that there are no more cases of hardcore poor in the nation. What is closer to the truth is that those living below the poverty line are forced to live farther away from the urban areas where rentals for their accommodation and the cost of living  are lower and more affordable to them.

The obvious reason they are seldom seen in the modern shopping complexes where we  often patronize  to do our purchases is because they cannot afford to pay the prices the goods in these complexes cost. The affluence many of us enjoy, which they do not enjoy,  has caused this separation in our society.

So, do not convince ourselves into inactivity if we carry the worthy intention to share. There are still many people (especially the children) out there in our midst who can have more joyous, happy festive seasons with our sharing. Stay alert for such opportunities!

Thank you for your visit, do visit again soon.

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