Teacher – one who dispels darkness!

I came across somewhere that the word “guru” comes from the Indian words ‘gu’ and ‘ru’.  ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘ru’ means to dispel.  Guru is, therefore, someone who dispels our darkness or ignorance, a very apt description of a spiritual teacher.

In the Malay language, a teacher is also called a guru. Similarly then, his job is to replace the misconceived ideas and wrong concepts of the students with the correct knowledge. This is a colossal responsibility, wonder if those applying to be teachers see it as such. Do they ever take time out to contemplate on what they would be placing upon their own shoulders. Or do they choose teaching just as a means of livelihood?

Those who had taken time out and gave due consideration to what they are undertaking would approach their tasks with a different attitude to that of those who did not. In their hands are the future of generations of young people, in their hands is the future of the nation. It is such a heavy responsibility and if those joining the teaching profession are not serious in their choices, then the Education ministry should have a more stringent selection process. It should try to ensure that those who know what they are placing on their own shoulders would be selected. Those who give no thought as to what they are embarking upon should be weeded out. This is serious business so all educationists and academicians should share the view that the nation’s future is in the hands of those that are selected to be trained.

From what that can be gathered from teachers here, in Malaysia, there aren’t now many teachers who carry this serious view with them. Even those who had started with such noble values many have also become disillusioned. Many complained teachers are now burdened by administrative works and are spending lesser and lesser time on their main function (that’s teaching).

Many also say their commitment is watered down by the protective attitude of present-day parents. Without the right to punish, the young people have become unmanageable and they cannot instill discipline into them. These teachers are greatly discouraged by such development in the schools.

Politics should not be allowed to intrude this area at all. Education should be kept free of any form of interference. The nation’s future is no-trivial  matter, levelheadedness should prevail in this vital area. Politics and education do not mixed! Politicians belong to the group of individuals who see everything as fair game for manipulation to further their own positions. For this reason alone, it is enough to separate education from politics!

It will be a sad state of affairs, if nothing concrete is done, as many will suffer.  The ones that will suffer most will be the young children (who later will be the adults) and the nation.

A quote from Confucius – Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. “

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