Our personal apple trees!

The Boy and The Apple Tree…A Touching Story.

This story-line in this video clip jells in very well with what I have been trying to express through many of my posts in this blog. The boy portrayed in here represents each of us in real life. His numerous actions reflect our own actions. The consequence shown is the end result  of the of our many thoughtless, rash, puerile  and self-centered actions.

The tree? Ah, yes, the tree! The tree is none other than our own parents! This may be a simple story but the lesson is poignant. It is a good story to teach the young. For those of us whose parents are no longer with us – it is still a lesson we can reflect on and pass down.

View Video here

Treasure what you have, my young friends. Parents were like you now when they were young and you will be like them when you grow old.

Pay your parents the due attention, thought and care.  Give them the appreciation,  care, consideration and love they rightfully reserved. Help them rekindle their hopes,  zeal and passion for life.

Celebrate that your parents are still around! Filial piety is a privilege. Be grateful persons.

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