A Brand New Year – 365 new opportunities!


With the start of a fresh new year there is always the hope of a brand new start. But because there are 365 days in a year our excitement do not last. With each passing day, the excitement wears off progressively.

The start of a BRAND NEW YEAR is on us – 2010 is here!!!

To whoever is reading this post, from this moment on may our days be filled with pure joy and bona fide happiness. May good health stalk our every move. May we never run out of luck and good fortune. May good health and the right kind of  happiness never be tired of us, may they engulf us through each day of this new year.

May our concern and commitment for our parents, spouse and children stir up the desire in each of them that they also want to strengthen the bond in our families. May each of our loved ones not only wish the best for the other but actually does the best for each other. May each does his part and inundate the others with genuine love and commitment.

May our relationships with our friends thrive on our unselfish contributions in terms of warmth, patience, thoughtfulness and cheerfulness. May each of us inspire in others such unselfish and thoughtful endeavors. May  all of us be change-makers in our own spheres of influence. May these relationships deepen in meaning and may they be examples for others to emulate.

May the first day of 2010 be the start of a meaningful life journey for each of us!!! Let us use the 365 opportunities 2010 is affording us wisely.  Let us come together thoughtfully so that our cumulative efforts bring about meaningful changes in our lives. May our actions bring about more happiness, peace and calmness to all our relationships.

I give thanks for the good things in my life and wish you enjoy what I am enjoying. May we all be blessed with the wisdom to choose the correct things to be concerned with. May we be guided by such wisdom to build our lives on true foundations!

I thank you for visiting. Do not take too long to visit again.

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