1st. January, 2010 – Start of a Brand New Year! Let it be a Great one!

This is the first day of 2010, let me take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you three hundred and sixty five happy and healthy days. May your family life be calm, may your friendships be meaningful, may you meet helpful acquaintances and have good fortune in whatever you embark upon.

To the poor, the sick and the lonely of the world, let us wish them a progressively better future. Also may our prayers for more compassion, kindness in the world be answered. May those who have cruel,  corrupt and evil tendencies encounter a change of heart with the start of this new year.

The  Cheryl Richardson’s thought that is posted below is taken from Ophra’s Spirit Letter. Though it is entitled ‘Thought for Today’, I feel a more apt title should be ‘Thought for the Year’. Reading it gives me the feeling that it is a most appropriate formula for a calm and peaceful personal new year – the whole 365 days of 2010!

Read it for yourself and set yourself up for a healthy and happy year! Three hundred and sixty five days free of worries, a tensions, heartaches, stresses, anxieties, depressions and apprehension.

The just-mentioned negative emotions often cause unhappiness to many individuals who have not learn to let go. They often cause the health of many men to break down and lead them to their deaths.

Thought for Today

“Surrender your expectations. Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, decide to do things differently this year. When you notice yourself projecting into the future, worrying about the past or listening to your negative internal chatter, use a simple statement like ‘be here now’ to remind you to return your thoughts to the most useful place of all—the present!”

This thought contains one effective way to stop the negative emotions from arising and causing hurt to ourselves. So, let us learn the simple formula to let go of expectations. Let us free stay free from self-created internal confusion, anxieties , doubts and worries. Let us take possession of the present and stay focus.

A beautiful summation:

“Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.”

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