Hopelessness, Perseverance, Success, Sadness, Frustration

This post from Hui Bee, a former STPM student from St. George Girls School, Malaysia is a sad commentary on how the Malaysian government has ruined the harmony of this beautiful country. The indiscriminate use of the discriminatory policies has created a fragmented and disunited nation.

The blatant disregard for the feelings of the minorities has spawned a very frustrated, embittered, discontented and resentful groups of Malaysians. This group has all the right to harbor such feelings for they have their birthrights denied them. They have seen the sacrifices they have put in came to naught because of such callousness.

Below is a post which bears all the frustration, discontentment, dissatisfaction and bitterness of members of this innocent but wronged group of young Malaysians.

It should be read by all politicians not matter which side of the political aisle they are from.  This is bad for the country, not only politically wise but also bad from the viewpoints of social and economical well-being of the nation.

Malaysia is losing out in its bid to lure in more foreign investments because it lacks highly skill workforce. The government realizes this but it still allows such valuable resources to leave the country, how pathetic can one gets!?

Read Hui Bee’s personal experience Here.

If you care for Malaysia and love it, please send this to all the politicians you know. Hope this post knocks some sense into them.

I thank you for having read this. Do not take too long to visit again.

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