Aphrodisiacs, make them yourselves!

It is fun time, time for celebration, plenty of time to dine and wine; for relaxation. There is time for visiting, time for lazing around, for sleeping and of, course, for a roam in the bedroom.

For those who prefers to spice up their lives this holiday season, the subject of  aphrodisiacs, I am sure, will make them run to their computers and their butts glued to their seats.

Ever since there is sex, men and women have been interested in aphrodisiacs. Many items and animals  have been identified as aphrodisiacs by different cultures.

Now, Dr. Helen Fisher says you need not look any furhter. Read what she has to say   Here .

Are you convince or do you still believe in the items identified by men and women of centuries gone by?

I thank you for having read this. Do not take too long to visit again.

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2 thoughts on “Aphrodisiacs, make them yourselves!

  1. sarastas says:

    Interesting. Have you ever heard of pheromones? We had a sex toy party and the lady was really trying to push a bottle of perfume for us to buy. It apparently intensifies our pheromones, thus making us attract more men. I tried it multiple times before I went out and did not notice a change.

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