A child transforming an adult.

In everything bad there is a seed of goodness in it. The story below which I retrieved from the ‘BBC’ proves the point. This may be the way criminals or would-be-criminals can be influenced from carrying out their wrongful acts. Deep within one, one feels for others, using constructive emotions to bring out the goodness in one is certainly worth trying. Share this moving story with others. A very appropriate message for the festive season.

Burglar ‘moved’ by girl’s letter

Amy Winteridge

Amy Winteridge said the burglary had left her “scared to death”

A 10-year-old girl was so upset after her home was burgled she wrote a letter to the man responsible asking him why he carried out the crime.

Police said the criminal was “visibly” moved when Amy Winteridge’s mother read the letter to him as part of a probation rehabilitation programme.

In the letter, Amy, of Shipley, West Yorkshire, wrote: “Who came up with the stupid idea to burgle us?”

She added that what happened had left her “scared to death”.

The letter is being used on a Christmas card being sent out by West Yorkshire Police to known burglars across the Bradford area, to make them think about their crimes.

Ten-year-old Amy Winteridge reads out the letter. Video by West Yorkshire Police

Amy wrote: “Now I don’t like to go past the third lamppost on my street anymore because I get really scared and I run as fast as I can back to my house.

“I feel so so so sad that you did this to me!”

The 10-year-old goes on to list a number of questions, which include: “What did you do with all our stuff?”

The letter ends with a self-portrait with an arrow pointing to it and the words “me upset”.

The letter was read to the burglar as part of West Yorkshire’s restorative justice process.

It aims to convey to criminals the effect their actions have on their victims, in some cases through face-to-face meetings.

Ch Supt Alison Rose said: “It’s a very emotive letter and should soften even the hardest heart.

“I hope that the criminals who receive the card read it and think about the words.”
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