Great minds think alike/Fools seldom differ…

Hey, how do you like the two sayings. If all the ‘great minds’ think alike, then the ‘great minds’ are not all that great. How can there be a subject or object that is so extraordinary that every mind can share the same opinion on its uniqueness or merits.

If  ‘fools seldom differ’ in their thinking on a subject matter. then these ‘fools’ are ‘great minds’ for they are all thinking alike!

So, are the two sayings not talking about the same thing?

Which side of the fence are you on? I suppose the answer would depend on whether you are talking about yourselves or talking about someone else, would it not? If it is talking about yourselves, then it would be ‘great mind think alike’. If it is talking about others, then it would be ‘fools seldom differ’.

We are ‘great minds’ sometimes and ‘fools’ at other times.

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