A ‘Cowboy country’, my Malaysia!?

This video shows an incident that happened in modern Kuala Lumpur. After watching it one is left with a very disturbing impression. It makes one wonders if there is still the ‘rule of law’ in Malaysia or has the country turned into a ‘nation of cowboys’?

It shows two men were beaten up mercilessly by other civilians whilst the police is shown to have done very little. What were the police there for, if not to maintain law and order. Why did they allowed the assault to be carried out, with lethal weapon even, right in front of them?

The ‘victims’ might have committed criminal activity, but once the police were there law and order should be enforced. Then, only then, will criminals and lawful citizens respect the police force. By the little they had done here, the police is indicating to people that it encourages ‘mob rule’.

Watch the video clip yourself and see what a poor a job the police personnel who were present there had done!

Equally disturbing are the comments made by fellow Malaysians. This clearly indicates racial polarization is evident and getting worse. The Malaysian government has an urgent job on its hands. It needs to get the people together again!

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