All that glitters are bound to attract many !

The glitters from the tourist dollars are attracting much attention!

Almost all the states in the country are drawn to the potential of the tourist dollars. Some have gone in earlier than others. Some have gone in with clear advantages but some, especially the late-comers, are going in blinded by the glitters. They are ‘blinded’ by the good money the early birds are reaping  and they now decide to plunge in. But they are doing so without taking proper evaluation of their moves, without proper study of the viability of their undertakings. These projects they now intend to launch may not give them what they envisaged, they may cause their states huge losses later on.

Those states taking in the big bucks now are able to do so because either history or nature has given them a helping hand.  Malacca,  Penang and Sarawak benefited from their links with the colonial past. Their geographically strategic locations attracted the colonial powerhouses of the day to stake a hold in their administrations then.

These links have now provided them with a more colorful history which they now exploit to bring in the tourists dollars. Those states with not such past histories to exploit are mostly the late entries.

The eastern Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah also get a helping hand from nature. Their rich natural environment give them unique fauna and flora which now provide them themes to attract the foreign tourists. The benefits from tourism is plain to all but the governments of the two states do not seem to be appreciative of the nature-created resources. They are allowing the rich forests to be devastated at an alarming rate. Soon the unique fauna and flora will be items of their histories.

All the states now reaping financial benefits from tourism do not seem to be very innovative in using the natural and historical advantages given them. They do not seem to be very good at preservation of the historical artifacts, buildings and items handed down.

They are more intent on building more and more modern theme parks, creating more man-made facilities as their main attractions. They are concentrating on one at the expense of the other. This is regrettable.

Instead of preserving the coastlines, thus the mangrove swamps, the states are reclaiming these areas and refilling them with sand. Those in-charge do not seem to know that these swamps can be turned into a money churning machine for the states. They do not know these swamps are habitats for many varieties of birds, animals and fishes which are beautiful and rare (here). If they will only turn these swamps into sanctuaries for the  creatures they can create  a rare experience … a unique experience for the visitors.

It looks like they are also forgetting many of the basic things they should afford to the tourists who are bringing in the prosperity.

The roads are bumpy and full of pot-holes (here). Dustbins are scare or non-existent in busy areas. The cleanliness of the public amenities are well-below par. Providing signboards to aid the visitors can be improved. More pedestrian footpaths and bicycle lanes should be created to allow safer travel for the tourists. Pedestrian crossings (zebra crossings) are lacking and for those already there, they should be manned by the police to enforce compliance or else they provide no safety to the visitors. Rubbish in areas off the visitors’ view should be given the same attention as that given the tourist areas (here).

The comfort of the tourists has also bee largely overlooked. Malaysia’s climate is very much warmer than that from which the foreign visitors come from. There is no much shade to shelter the visitors from the over-bearing sun and the state government are not doing much to provide relief. Not much trees have been planted nor have gardens or parks been created for this purpose.

Hope those put in charge of promoting tourism in the state of Malacca, will not destroy more of the natural advantages that are available now. Hope they put more of their attention on the preservation of the relics of the past!

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