China’s President wants to visit Malacca.

President Hu Jintao of China is on a state visit to Malaysia. It is reported he requests to visit Malacca. Well, it is certainly a great honor for this “World Heritage City’ of ours. It is not a great surprise that President Hu made such a request, for Malacca was where the relationship between China and Malaysia all started.


Admiral Zheng He came to this part of the world with his fleet sometime in the 1600 and Malacca was the first place they landed in the then Malaya. Malacca even has a temple where the admiral is worshiped till today. This is the Sam Poh Kong Temple situated at the foot of Bukit China Hill. There is a well inside the temple and it is told that visitors who drink the water from this well will certainly return to Malacca again. Their ties with the city is cemented.

It is reported President Hu wants to see the Straits of Malacca and also would like to visit the Baba-Nyonya House. The Straits is an important sea-lane, it was through this lane that Admiral Zheng came to Malacca.

The Babas and the Nyonyas are the descendants that come from  the mixed marriages between the Chinese and the Malays. The House would allow President Hu a glimpse of this sub-culture.

This request shows that this Chinese leader is a contemporary man who has a good sense of history. With such leaders it is of no surprise that China is doing so well. Leaders like him, with their vast command of historical knowledge, possess a deep sense of pride of their country. This sense of pride helps them to subjugate their self-interests for the glory of their nation, thus their sole aim is to make their country strong. The Chinese are so lucky to have leaders of such caliber. The same cannot be said of the people of many other nations where the leaders try to ‘rewrite’ their country’s history to suit their agenda.

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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