Attractions that make Malacca such a great destination.

Malacca is really a wonderful destination … for those historical bugs, the place has so many historical sites (Herehere, here, ) that they will keep them happy for days. The bonus is they are all within walking distance of each other.

For those who like to have good food and taste different varieties of food, what Malacca has to offer is incomparable. The range is so wide that it would take up a whole week or more for one to taste all the different foods available. How is this for choices …. there are the Malay dishes, the Indian dishes (Northern and Southern Indian), the Portuguese dishes, the different Chinese dishes of the different Chinese dialects (Hokkien, Cantonese, Hainamese, Teochew, Hakka), the Nyonya dishes and delicacies, and there are also dishes of the neighboring Asian Countries. One  is  spoiled for choice  ( here ) .

For those who prefer to sight-see and have their time fully occupied, there are many things to do to use up all their time. There is the boat cruise  (here) down the Malacca River, the rides in the “Eye-on-Malaysia’ (here) or in the Menara Taming Sari (the revolving wheel – here ), and the old fort, the ‘Flora de la Mar (here) and the Dutch Water Wheel (here) to view. For karaoke enthusiasts, there are many such outlets in town for them to test their  vocal chords to their hearts’ contentment.

The nature lovers are not left out either … there is the Malacca Zoo (the best in Malaysia) to get to know the different species of wild Malaysian animals and birds. Then there are the dazzling and fantastic sunsets (here) that are on display every evening. You have to pay to see the birds and animals in the zoo but the viewing of the sunsets is for free!

Then, we have the mysterious and fascinating mangrove swamps found right in the heart of this city. There are tons and tons of activities going on in these mysterious places if we care to slow down and look. There are dozens varieties of birds nesting on the trees in the swamps here in town. Then, you have numerous kinds of crabs and fishes living in these swamps.

It is really wonderful that nature has lent a great helping hand to make Malacca a great place for our visitors.

If you enjoy my photographs here, then go to my other postings on Malacca in which photos of beautiful scenes of most of Malacca’s beautiful places and the gorgeous sunsets are featured. There are many more photos there. Enjoy yourself.

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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