Give some, sweat some instead of just shedding “crocodile’ tears!

What is the use of having altruism and compassion in your heart if there is no commitment and sacrifice on your part?

Altruism and compassion without commitment and sacrifice as their pillars are empty kindliness/concern for others. They do others no good, they bring them no benefits or relief. They just do not help anybody.Without committing some of your time, your energy  and opening your wallet/purse to the deserving causes or persons , your feelings of altruism and compassion are merely shedding of ‘crocodile tears’. Mere display of altruism/compassion does not improve the dire situations nor does it help the ones undergoing the agonizing situations.

To bring about meaningful and lasting changes to dire situations, commitment and sacrifice cannot be left out. These two vital personal elements are essential ingredients to any solution we hope to find to bring impact to others’ lives.

Altruism and compassion are what our hearts feel, commitment and sacrifice are what our bodies will, so if the ‘heart is moved, the feet must match’!

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2 thoughts on “Give some, sweat some instead of just shedding “crocodile’ tears!

  1. sweetiegirlz says:

    very well said! and timely for Americans,considering the upcoming Holidays

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