On my birthday ……

My table-top gave me a surprise gift early this morning … it refused to boot up when I turned it on. No choice but to take it to the shop for formatting. That was why I could not express my thanks to all my well-wishers till late in the evening.

With the goodwill packed in all the good wishes given me by my friends , family members and loved ones, I would like to enjoin my birthday wish with theirs.

I want to make this year’s wish a BIG wish … I wish our world will suffer no more sufferings and pains. Even if they cannot be totally wished away, I wish they will at least be substantially reduced!

That done, I now like to turn my attention to  my loved ones, family members and all my friends who sent me theirs love and well-wishes. It is nice to know there are people who care for you, whose thoughts have your best interest at heart. To them, I like them to know all their expressions have brightened my day!

After sending the CPU to the shop, I spent the whole morning and a major part of the afternoon indulging in my favorite past-time … photography. Got some satisfying shots at the Botanical Garden in Air Keroh.

Finally got the computer back in working order. Happily replied to the well-wishers who left messages in the hand-phone and the ‘Facebook’. Of course it ended with a dinner and a pleasurable and grateful feeling.

Come visit again, thank you.

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