Wuzhen – The Water Village

The photographs I want to post here today are those taken of the water village – The Wuzhen Water village. It is a pleasant place, good for a leisurely rest. A day or two’s stay there would do wonders for the spirit.

As you stroll around the village you would see all the buildings have facades of ancient designs. It sure gives the feeling of an era gone by. Boy, will you be surprised at the interiors of some of these buildings.

Take the case of the hotel we stayed in. The lounge is real modern, the rooms have all the modern amenities –  door with cards instead of keys, color television sets, hot water shower, telephones and all other facilities that are expected of modern hotels.

Enjoy the photos here.

China sure goes to great length to draw in the tourists’ dollars. For what it has done it deserves the good response it is getting from tourists all over the whole.

Come visit again, thank you.

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