Youth, robbery, grandmother, courage, prayer, defining moment.

Amazing things do happened, I take what happened in this clip as one of those great moments. View and see if you agree.

The mistake made, the courage displayed (both by the grandma and later by the youth), the unexplainable, mysterious power at work, the U-turn in life permitted as a result of it all allow a defining moment for the young man.  View video :  Oprah

All of us wish our children to do us proud, we want them to grow up doing the right things. But the first responsibility rests with us parents. We have to first set the stage (the family atmosphere) right, when they are small we have to teach them right. In their formative years, we have to guide, nurture them,  and regulate their activities. Though this may not always produce perfectly law-abiding and socially responsible young citizens, we still have to keep at it.

With all the demands outside the family, all the distractions of modern life and the changing social values, young parents are easily side-tracked. Young parents should apply more vigilance and stay focus on their prime responsibility.

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