Prayers – can they change things?

When do we usually indulge in prayers? Usually when we are in desperate need for help; when we need support when there is nowhere and/or no one to turn to; when things look bleak; or when we are utterly exhausted by our problems and worries.  But you should not be surprised there are those who pray out of habit, a habit they have intentionally cultivated.

Prayers … can they change things? For those who have faith in prayers, they believe they certainly can! Prayers, by themselves may not do much or change things much, but to the faithful, they believe when they offer their prayers to the ‘Higher Beings’,  the “Great Force’ or to their gods, these prayers are transformed into  a ‘spiritual force’ or into a  ‘spiritual energy’ that can do wonders!

Others believe their prayers are energy, they also believe there is spiritual energy existing in the universe.. When prayers are uttered their energy come into harmony with the spiritual energy of the universe,  this  integration brings about positive results that they hope for.

View clip of  ‘Prayers’ and be inspired.

For those who believe in prayers, continue to pray. To those who do not share the same belief, please be tolerant and do not belittle the action. For those who hold no firm view in this, why not try it, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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