Huangshan – Unbelieveable sights ! To be seen to be believed!

Been meaning to post the photographs taken on my recent trip to South China covering Shanghai, Nanjing, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Hengdian and Wuzhen,  but because of other schedules it has to be delayed till today.

The views up in Huangshan are really breath-taking. Some of the fantastic scenes have to been seen to be believed! Though we had rather thick clouds on our way up, the trip also provided its own unique photographic opportunities.

The route is rather steep and my personal experience is, the climb can also be described as ‘breath taking’, that is it takes all your breaths away and makes you breathless.

What amazes one are the men whose job is to transport the people and the usable items up and down the mountain. All who witness them plying their trade stand in awe of their strength and toughness. These tough individuals  literally carry all the items on their shoulders, up and down the mountains. No one can claim to have a tougher job than them. We dare not whine how hard our lives are after having seen what they do for a living! I consider myself greatly blessed.

Here to view the photgraphs.

Visit this site again, thank you.

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