Boat ride experience in dry land!

I am not too sure if this is a unique motor experience reserved for only Malacca road users or is it a common phenomenon in many other places around Malaysia also?

Malacca road users and visitors to our Historic City can have the unique experience of having a boat ride on dry land. While traveling along most roads in this beloved city of ours the experience we get is like riding on a boat on a choppy sea. You are constantly bobbing up and down on your seat, like when you are on a boat and your boat is hitting against the waves coming from the opposite direction.

Another experience awaits you when you come to bridges here in this Historic City. You can feel your vehicle taking a hop when they come to the parts where the roads connect with the bridges. Wonder if it is the authorities’ way to test the suspension systems of Malaysian vehicles but it is a sure way of ensuring a very unpleasant ride. Or were the bridges built by the car manufacturers to highlight the durability of their cars’ suspension?

Are the contractors now given the contracts to build the roads and bridges/do the road surfacing lacking practical experience or is it the state government’s intention to provide a memorable experience to our foreign visitors (a talking point so that  they can spread the word of this unique road experience)?  Or is it its intention to remind its citizens of Malacca’s fishing history?

If the situation remains unchanged, the state government should grant the vehicle driving licence and the boat driving licence to those who pass the driving tests in Malacca. Surely, they deserve the recognition!

Whatever it is, I for one do not appreciate the experience and the strain it  places on my cars. Moreover, everyday thousands of tourists visit the beautiful city, it is obligatory that they are given a pleasant experience!

Come visit this site again, thank you.

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