Teasures hardly noticed!

When I went past a mangrove swamp in the past, I was not particularly impressed by the look of the wasteland nor was I interested in what it has to offer. In fact, sometimes when I went past a swamp on very warm days I found  the smell emitting from the mud very unpleasant and were repulsed by it.

I was first attracted to the mangrove swamp by the migratory birds. I wanted to photograph these birds but as I got to go to the swamp and venture to its surroundings I find the swamps are not what they appear to be.

Now, getting to see what are there in the mangrove swamps and getting to know that these swamps sustain a lot of lives make me realize that the man-grove swamps are in fact gifts from nature.

The mangrove trees are not only habitat  for many kinds of birds. The mud  are home to varieties of crabs, mud fishes, crocodiles, shell-creatures and seals. The swamps sustain its own kinds of flowers which are of various colors and beauty.

In short, man-grove swamps is a fascinating place, a vibrant and active place. I would like to share with you the different birds, crabs, flowers, fishes and  other creatures I have photographed.

Next time when you go past a mangrove swamp, bring to your mind the usefulness of man-grove to our environment. It has an important role to play though we may not be really conscious of its contribution.

Here are the photographs for reviewing.

Come visit this site again. Thank you.

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