Obvious and not-so obvious treasures.

I did not realize there are so many things that inhabit the mangrove swamps till I took up photography as a hobby. There are treasures in these swamps, both very evident to the eyes and those not so evident.

Those inhabitants of the mangrove swamps that are evident to the naked-eyes are very hard to capture with the cameras  as they are very sensitive to movements and they are extremely wary of humans.

To photograph these inhabitants one must be prepared to wait for their appearances, one needs to be quiet, one has to have luck also. Some times if luck is on your side, one can spot and capture some rare animals. My lucky day was when I spotted a seal (see the first photo).

Photography is an interesting hobby, it is very suitable for retirees. It certainly keeps one occupied and more important it makes one’s life fascinating/exciting. I am grateful  to have picked  it up. You do not have to be a professional, it provides you with tons entertainment and it keeps you busy and occupied, something wives of retirees will definitely appreciate.

Come visit this site again. Thank you.

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