Rubbish is not what we want to dish out !

The Malacca government has pruned up the streets of the historic city. The places where tourists frequent have received its attention but no much can be said about the rubbish that has gathered at its beaches. Bus-loads by bus-loads of foreign tourists are brought to this bridge to see the Malacca Straits and to witness  the beautiful sunset scenes there. But little attention has been paid by the authorities  on the cleanliness of the place. Please take a look at the photographs posted here and see what I mean.

Tourism now is a big  money earner for the Melaka economy, the Melaka state government cannot afford to neglect to overlook this environmental aspect.

It is hope the assemblyman in charge of tourism portfolio can pay more attention to cleanliness of the coastline. All he needs to convince that something must be done is for him to pay a visit to any of one of the beaches to see for himself. The waste washed up by the waves should be regularly cleared to project the correct image to our foreign guests.

Come visit this site again, thank you.

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