Our specialty – jumping to conclusions.

Based on half stories or on parts of what we have heard each of us have made judgments and form opinions of people and of situations. In most  instances than not, the hasty conclusions have  brought us only  misunderstanding, problems, conflicts, quarrels, antagonism, division, break-ups, animosity, hostility, ill-will, fights, miseries, struggles, pent-up angry, emotional turmoil and mental anguish.

See, it brings us only negative consequences like emotional upheavals, mental sufferings, mischiefs, ill health and disharmony but yet we find it hard to kick this bad habit, don’t we? See the video clips I’ve attached here, you would agree they are more real than we care to admit?

Clip # 1,  click  here, to see.

Clip #2 another clip,

Clip # 3  one more clip

Hope you enjoy them, hope they can help us to curb this tendency of ours of making hasty conclusions.  It would save ourselves from having to go through those negative emotions and from having to face all the negative consequences.

Come visit this site again. Thank you.

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