How do we rate ourselves?

Are we human beings complicating our own lives?  Are we too confident of our own abilities and do we over-estimate our intelligence? Are we too smart for our own good?

We build rockets to reach the moon, we build satellites to monitor activities of other plants and to track things in space. On the other hand, we we build vehicles and factories that pollute the very air we breathe in and the water we drink. We destroy the physical environments that sustain our very lives by cutting down trees and we create waste and disposing it indiscriminately. We plunder the ocean’s resources by uncontrolled fishing and we kill the fishes and other sea-creatures by our unmindful action of throwing plastic into the ocean. We kill seals, tigers, leopards, elephants and other animals to satisfy our vanity and our desire to have a longer life.

We invent cars, trucks, heavy equipments, airplanes, clothes and dish washing machines for our conveniences while a large majority of the world’s population has not got enough to eat.

All this leads to the question if we are using our brain-power for the right purposes or are we actually wasting it in pursuit of vanity and self-aggrandizement. Have we the brains to put our priorities in order? What we have done with our gray matter is certainly impressive but it also reveals our self-centredness as the agility of the mind is used to better the livelihood of only the minority.

Have we got it right? Or have we misplace our priorities?  Do we care to re-prioritize so that this wonderful gift we are endowed with can be used to bring true benefits to the majority of the human race? Do we care enough?

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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