“Insanity is hereditary.”

When we hear the word ‘hereditary’ we think it is something passed down from our parents. Seldom, or even never, do we think it is passed up from our children. Here we have Sam Levinson who declares :

Insanity is hereditary: You can get it from your children.

There may be humor in what he says, but there is some truth in it. In most family situations, it is the children that caused the parents to become insane. But to be fair to the children, the ‘attacks of insanity’ may have been brought upon themselves. Children learn their values and form their characters by watching what their parent do and listening to what their parents say.

So who passes the insanity to who is of not much importance. What is more important is that insanity is stopped. It must not be allowed to be contagious. Parents and children both must share the responsibility … the buck or, to be more precise, the insanity must stop here with them.

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