A very keen observer of human nature !

“There was a time when we expected nothing of our children but obedience, as opposed to the present, when we expect everything of them but obedience” …. Anatole Broyard

I do not know much about  Anatole Broyard except through this quote and that he was a French writer. But from it I have lots of respect for this man for he seems to be a very keen observer of human nature. For those of us who have children at the puberty age and beyond, we know how true these words ring.

When your children were small, obedience seemed natural to them and life then seemed so simple and worry-free. But life entered another totally different sphere once these children reached puberty. Does it not seem throwing you ‘curved balls’ seemed their favorite past-time? Do you not agree that testing your patience seemed to bring them lots of enjoyment, challenging parental authority seemed to bring them a special glee and causing  you to have insomnia seems to be their new-found hobby?

But as Anatole Broyard is right … do you not see yourselves ‘growing’ too? Do you not see yourselves getting wiser now? Do you not now “expect everything of them but obedience”? Do you not see yourselves more ‘spiritual’ or, at least, say prayers more often? Have you not acquire more tolerance?

Who says ‘old dogs cannot be taught new tricks’?  We as parents grow into a different stage too, for “Necessity is the mother of inventions !” If we cannot beat them, (not we do not join them, here) we grow to be wiser, we too, evolved.

For those parents who have yet to reach this ‘dumb’ stage, let me assure you, you have no escape! “Dumb” here does not refers to stupidity’. I refer to the situation where you ‘pull your hairs’ in desperation but no words escape from your mouths. You start to ‘call out in silence’!

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